Ankle and foot

must be able to support the entire weight of the body.

Common diagnoses and complaints can include:

Muscle weakness or tension,

sensory disorders (tingling, numbness, pins and needles…),

muscle pain, fracture, bone marrow oedema, bone bruise,

ligament rupture, ligament tear, capsule injury, ligament strain,

Arthroscopy and other surgery,

cartilage damage,

leg axis problems (knock-kneed, bow-legged),

Achilles tendon problems, Achillodynia,

torn tendon, torn ligament,

ankle injury, inversion trauma,


heel spur,

flat feet, metatarsalgia..,

Morton’s neuroma, malalignment and deformities,

hallux valgus,

Ankle fracture, Weber A, Weber B, Weber C, Syndesmosis rupture