Nervous system

When things gets on your nerves

Nerves can be impaired or damaged by pressure from surrounding tissue (nerve compression syndromes) – well-known examples are sciatica (ischialgia, sciatica syndrome), piriformis syndrome, slipped disc, fallen arches, siphon weakness, carpal tunnel syndrome.

The aim of physiotherapy is to find and eliminate the cause of these ailments, i.e. to free the nerves with various therapy methods such as neurodynamic mobilisation or, as in the case of a slipped disc, to support and accelerate the repair processes of the tissue.

The vegetative nervous system can also be influenced by the therapy. It is always involved (either consciously or unconsciously) in numerous complaints and can cause problems such as sleep disorders, digestive disorders, permanent stress (not being able to relax), tension, headaches, CRPS, Raynaud’s disease and many more.

There are numerous therapy methods such as craniosacral therapy, breathing therapy, fascia techniques, mobilisation of ribs and thoracic spine… that can bring relief.