Knee and leg

The knee and leg provide our locomotion and are therefore unfortunately often injured or overworked.

Physiotherapy can be used effectively to treat many conditions such as


Pain: Muscle pain, tractus syndrome "runner’s knee", knee pain, gonalgia, Achilles tendon problems, Achillodynia, heel spurs, fallen arches, splay feet, flat feet, deformities, hallux valgus, lymphedema, lipoedema

Wear and tear: Osteoarthritis, gonarthrosis, meniscus problems, patella problems,

after injuries: Fracture, bone marrow oedema, bone bruise, meniscus tear, meniscus suture, meniscus surgery, arthroscopy, cruciate ligament tear, LCA rupture, cruciate ligament lesion, cruciate ligament surgery, cruciate ligament arthroplasty (LCA plasty), collateral ligament tear, capsule injury, ligament strain, tendon tear, ligament tear, ankle injury, cartilage damage,

when muscles cry out after overuse: tension and pain, muscle weakness, quadriceps weakness,

in case of nerve problems: sciatica, sciatica syndrome, piriformis syndrome, sensitivity disorders (tingling, numbness…),

Inflammations: Bursitis, bursitis, tendonitis, tendonitis,

Tendon problems: Tendon rupture, tendon suture, tendinitis, tendinosis.

For movement restrictions:  Contracture, instabilities,

After operations: Arthroscopy, post knee TEP, knee endoprosthesis, leg axis