Prices and Information

Private practice for Physiotherapy

Private therapists of all austrian mandatory health insurances
For treatment, you need a doctor’s prescription for physiotherapy.
It should ideally read:

Prescription for:

  • 10 x physiotherapy of 45 minutes each and 10 x medical massage (Heilmassage) of 15 minutes each
  • or 10 x physiotherapy of 60 minutes each.

In order to receive partial reimbursement, it is best to have the prescription approved by your health insurance before the start of treatment. It is not necessary to have the authorisation in order to make an appointment!

The therapy must be paid for in cash at each appointment.

After completion of the therapies, you can submit the receipts to your health insurance company. You will receive a refund for part of the therapy costs; the amount of the refund depends on the health insurance company and the authorisation. Depending on the contract, many supplementary insurances cover the remaining amount.

You do not need a prescription for prevention. At present, you do not receive any reimbursement from the mandatory health insurance funds


€ 115 Physiotherapy 60 Minutes
€ 95 Physiotherapy 45 Minutes
€ 115 Physiotherapy 45 + medical massage 15 Minutes
€ 95 Physiotherapy 30 + medical massage 15 Minutes
€ 115 Prevention 60 Minutes
€ 95 Prevention 45 Minutes