Fascia and connective tissue

Fasciae are fascinating!

Fascia separates, connects, adheres, glides, flows, binds and lubricates, it gives shape, form and structure, allows mobility, gives the body strength and flexibility, it stores water, salt and protein, conducts pain and sensation. The fascia can do nearly everything and is everywhere in the body. Therefore, when there is a problem, it is always affected, no matter what the complaint.


The treatment of the fascia can be necessary in physiotherapy in the field of orthopaedics for complaints of the entire support and movement apparatus, i.e. of the spine, joints, muscles, connective tissue and nervous system.

Fascia treatment is also useful during rehabilitation after accidents as well as after orthopaedic and accident surgery, e.g. knee injuries, hip endoprostheses, shoulder operations and wherever scars occur.